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Useful Travel Tips

1. A travel insurance policy that covers medical treatment is recommended for all tourists.

2. Similarly, we recommend you to make sure that the insurance covers activities such as trekking, rafting etc. that you will be undertaking during your stay in Nepal

3. Getting special vaccinations are not necessary when visiting Nepal.

4. We still recommend that you consult with your physician regarding special immunizing against any tropical disease.

5. We recommend that you undertake training programs to be physically fit if you plan to go high-altitude trekking or mountaineering when you’re visiting Nepal.

6. Please make sure that salads and fruits are washed with purified water or peeled when eating out.

7. Beware of food that has been kept out in the open for long.

8. Always make sure that your water is clean by opting for boiled and then cooled water, treated water or sealed water from reputed brand.

9. Always carry a bottle of water when trekking or venturing off away from the city/ town.

10. Always carry and use mosquito repellant when in Terai region or during summers.

11. Please have a handy medical first aid kit ready for any situation.