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Tihar: 17th-21st October All over Nepal

Joyful time with lights and colours , engage in the festive mood all across Nepal

Tihar, the festival of lights, colours, music and dances are favourites amongst many Nepali. It is a time when homes are lit with butter lamps and evenings are filled with young boys and girls visiting neighours homes and performing dances while singing.

On the first day of the festival, Kaag (crow) is worshipped as the informant of Yaama or death is worshipped. The second day is dedicated to dogs as the agents of Yaama and the third day, called Gai Puja (cow worship), cows  are worshipped as goddess of wealth. In the evening of the Gai Puja an elaborate ceremony is conducted in each household to welcome the goddess of wealth.

Fourth day is dedicated to the draught animal, oxen. This is the time when Newari community performs Mha puja- which is ritual for oneself. Followed by this on the fifth day called Bhai Tika (brothers tika). On this day, the sisters put tiks of five different colours on their brothers forehead as a symbol of love and protection for each other. This meaningful day symbolizing realtion of sibling puts an end to the festival.

Throughout the Five days, the streets are lit beautifully. Celebrating crows,dogs, cows and relations with sublings this festival is very special.