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TEEJ- 24th August Celebrating the festival where women come together to feast and fast

Teej, festival celebrated amongst women in Nepal fall either in August or September dependent on lunar calendar. It is a festival where women dress elegantly in their traditional attire (saree) and embellished with their jewelleries. This is the time they travel back to their maternal home and celebrate with singing and dancing. Following a long feast also known as Dar, women fast for 24 hours. Most women do not even take a drop of water. In observing this fasting, they are praying for a happy and productive marriage, good fortune and a long life for her husband. It is also meant to purify her body and soul. 

It is great to be in the streets and watch these beautiful women of different ages, fasting and taking the enjoyment with singing and dancing.

Welcome to join for an afternoon stroll around Pashupatinath to watch the festival take its full form.