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Dashain : 27th September-5th October 2017

Celebrating Shakti/Power with love, reunion of families and fun-filled ceremonies.

Dashain, is by far the longest and the most joyous time of year. This festival is celebrated throughout the country for two weeks with prayers and offerings to Durga (Shakti/power)-the universal mother. The festivities of these two weeks glorify the ultimate and inevitable triumph of Virtue over the forces of Evil, commemorating a great victory of the gods over the wicked demons and devils who harassed mankind in ancient times after evoking the power of goddess Durga and the story can be read in the script called “Ramayana”.

During the ten days, all family members travel throughout Nepal to go to their family homes and gather to celebrate.. Many animal sacrifices are conducted throughout the ten days as a ritual to keep Durga (Shakti/Power) form pleased.

Every village will have built a  swing from bamboo structure which is a true highlight and one can also enjoy kite flying during this time. This time of the year is absolutely treat.

On the tenth day of the festival family members get tika “rice with crimson powder” from their elderly members of the household and blessings are given for prosperity and good health. People will spend 5 days following that visiting relatives and enjoying home-cooked meals and playing cards.

At this time you will see all of Nepal rejoicing their family, traditions and at the same time enjoying outdoors on the bamboo swings and flying kites. Come join us to experience such a rich festival shared throughout Nepal and amongst different ethnic groups. This is an absolute delight!