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Climate and Weather

The year is divided into 4 distinct seasons:

The Spring Season commences from mid-Feburary and continues on till late May. The rainy season Monsoon begins in June and has its affect until early august. Autumn with clear sky is from Septrember until November. The coldest time in Nepal is from December until mid-Feburary.

The seasonality affects different parts of Nepal in a varied way because of the huge range in altitude and landscape.

What we think is the Best time to Travel in Nepal.

Two best time to travel are between October-February and secondly, from March through May. These times are best to travel as these are dry periods with excellent visibility. If you choose to travel October-May, you will enjoy both the tropical lowlands and the spectacular mountains. During the Pre-monsoon visitors will have the benefit of flowering plants, but visibility is sometimes reduced with hazy conditions.

Summary of Seasons in Nepal:

Please be aware that climate change is affecting the normal patterns in terms of seasonality. Always be prepared for unexpected changes.

Winter (December-February): Coldest season but very clear skies, providing the best mountain views. Also best time to visit the tropical low-lands.

Spring (March-May): Days are increasingly warm and flowers like rhododendrons are in blossom. Mist and clouds are uncommon. Also, beginning to festivals in Nepal.

Summer (June-August): Monsoon with lots of fainy days. However, every part of hill and forests are lush green. It is in this time that there is rice-plantation and can bring an incredible experience. Visibility is generally mixed.

Autumn (September-November): This is the most pleasant season for trekking where days are not too hot and the skies are clear. Also, a highly festive season in Nepal.